Just a little bit...

It is very likely that all decisisons you think were not made right are just not your decisions or may be someone else tried to put their system of beliefs on you?

I heard a phrase: "All people have problems."


May I ask some questions?


  • Does it the necessary rule to be a human?

  • If you don't have problems you aren't a human.

  • If you want to stay (be) a human there is a necessity to have problems, in other words, you mustn't solve a problem without being sure that this solution produces another problem with at least the same severity (the bigger problem the better).

  • You cannot answer a question about someone who has no problems, because the "thing without problems" doesn't included in the exact term "someone", because it's not a human

What are human body stimulators?  (potential problem makers)


  • Coffee

  • Smoking

  • Sweets

  • Alcohol

Do other things belong to stimulators?

  • Music

  • Films

  • etc.